"Pen flys and hang on for the ride, nabbing thoughts as they appear. Emptying your mind, then hopping on the back of any passing thought or image.

                                                                              -Judy Reeves


Stream of consciousness


thursday, november 14, 2019

7:00pm - 9:00pm


LOCATION: kitsilano/cornwall area, vancouver, b.c.

(further details upon registration


It's an incredibly freeing experience to write whatever comes up without constraint, censorship or judgement. Stream of Consciousness is a method of writing that reaches the deep recesses of the intuitive. Celebrate and explore the beauty and freedom that can result from raw uncensored acts of creation. Follow the thread, trust the pen, and see where the words take you.


You will explore powerful writing methods that will strengthen intuition, creativity and inner guidance. Connecting with your true self and writing from authenticity leads to having a clear vision of your purpose and embracing all the different parts of yourself.


You do not need experience as a writer to participate in these workshops.

All levels are welcome. Maximum 8 people per workshop, minimum 3.

Please bring your journal/notepad and a pen. Refreshments will be provided.

Once you register and email will be sent to you with payment information and workshop details.