"I have everything I need.  A square of sky, a piece of stone, a page, a pen, and memory raining down on me in sleeves."

 -Harriet Doerr


Debbie Balcome

Debbie Balcome is a creative expressionist who invites you into the awakening of your intuitive self. As a practicing Intuitive Writing Guide, and Grief and Loss Facilitator; she welcomes you to dive deep into thought, and meditation to reclaim the connection with your ‘wise self ’.

As a mother, space holder & student of life, Debbie has accepted her life’s challenges as a chance to look inward, for clarity and new perspectives. Debbie gained the courage and tools to take the first step or the next step into her “New Normal” by restructuring her life and creating new dreams. Through loss, she discovered the many depths of herself and how her mind, body and spirit all connect through her intuitive energy to everything around her. Some of her hardest moments have brought about surprising revelations, which created an opportunity for her to edit her life frequently and to live in the present moment. 


 Debbie creates an opportunity to guide you towards your inner wisdom, intuition and creativity. She creates a safe space for you to explore your patterns, trends and unique emotions. She encourages you to embrace the different parts of yourself by accessing your subconscious and unconscious mind, to discover and express your unique voice.

Debbie is a certified Intuitive Writing Guide. She is a Grief Group Facilitator with The Lower Mainland Grief Recovery Society and also serves on the Board of Directors. She volunteers with the Kits Community Breakfast Program for the homeless and volunteered at VGH on the Palliative Care Ward. Debbie is a rain lover so Vancouver is the perfect place to call home.

Debbie inspires you to honour your intentions, tap into your life’s purpose and connect with your highest self. She invites you to journey into the vast depths of yourself, with compassion, awareness and without judgment. Connect with your inner voice, listen to your intuition and follow your passions. Join her.