spring awakening


new dates tba  for British Columbia



Embark on this 4 day retreat and journey through the creative process of Intuitive Writing and Mindful Movement. 


You will explore powerful writing methods that will strengthen intuition, creativity and inner guidance. Be prepared to hear the truth in your heart and give yourself permission to write from the truth. This is an opportunity to experience the incredible freedom in writing without constraint or judgement. Connecting with your true self and writing from authenticity, leads to having a clear vision of your purpose and embracing all the different parts of yourself. 


We guide and encourage you to explore what has always been within yourself and we create a safe space for you to embrace your patterns, trends, and unique emotions. To recognize your own interior version of things and discover, life is all about creating yourself. 


The development of the mind comes through movement and all that is important is this one moment in movement. We move in order to see. Celebrate and unearth the beauty that can result from raw uncensored acts of creation.