"Our intuition eavesdrops on the mind of the universe, giving us access to the infinite source of possibilities."  

                                                                                            -Deepak Chopra

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Intuitive writing four week series


7:00pm - 9:30pm

Week One: Awakening Your Intuition: MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2018

Week Two: Conscious Word Warrior: MONDAY, MAY 14, 2018

Week Three: Stream of Consciousness: MONDAY, MAY 28, 2018

Week Four: Courage & Chaos: MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018.

$100.00 for four weeks


I will be donating 5% from every four week series to a non-profit group


Embark on a four week journey through the creative process of Intuitive Writing. 


In these four workshops you will discover and express your unique voice, track the cycles, patterns and trends in your life. Honour the beauty and wisdom of your soul as you record your stories. You will explore powerful writing methods that will strengthen intuition, creativity and inner guidance. Connecting with your true self and writing from authenticity leads to having a clear vision of your purpose and embracing all the different parts of yourself.


You do not need experience as a writer to participate in these workshops.

All levels are welcome. Maximum 8 people per workshop, minimum 3.

Please bring your journal/notepad and a pen. Refreshments will be provided.

Once you register and email will be sent to you with payment information and workshop details.