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Journey away to the enchanting lush lands of Costa Rica, and step into the awakening of your intuitive self. Embark on this 7 day soul retreat and journey through the creative process of Intuitive Writing, Mindful Movement and Sacred Plant Medicine. Come explore powerful writing methods that will strengthen intuition, creativity and inner guidance. Prepare to be a gentle observer to your thoughts and feelings and expand your vision to your limitless possibilities. We create a mental departure away from the everyday idea of yourself and provide a safe space for self discovery and gentle transformation. We encourage daily movement as the development of the mind comes through movement and all that is important is this one moment in movement. We move in order to see. As you stretch into your soul you will experience all sensations both inner and outer; allow yourself to tune into the feelings these moments evoke in you. Recognize your own interior version of things and discover life is all about creating yourself. You will be guided to dive deeper into yourself with movement, breathe and play in accordance with the desires of your soul. Together we will taste the sweet heart opening medicine and explore, awaken, and love the elements of and in our Being.